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Water Heater Services in Regina, SK

Aquarius Plumbing & Heating Ltd. provides all types of water heater services for residential and commercial units. Whether you’re heating up water for 1,200 or 150,000 square feet of space, our water heater professionals in Regina have got you covered.


water heater services

We install modern, high efficiency water heaters for homes and businesses. Whether you have a newly constructed building, need to replace your unit, or you want to upgrade your current water heater, we provide the highest quality brands and types to fit your needs. From taking a shower to providing hot water for a hotel full of people, our products will ensure the water gets hot quickly and stays hot as long as you need it to.

Service & Repair


Aquarius Plumbing & Heating Ltd. won’t leave your home or business in the cold. We have the tools, products, and expertise to service and repair any water heater. Whether you don’t have enough or any hot water, or you’re dealing with a water-wasting leak, we’ll take care of the problem. From inspections and cleaning to minor fixes or major part replacements, our straightforward professionals will get your repair done fast.

Water Heater Rentals


All Types of Water Heater Rentals including Tankless, Natural Draft, Power-vent and Tankless.