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Heating & AC Services in Regina, SK

Furnace & A/C Repairs & Replacements


Aquarius Plumbing & Heating Ltd. provides minor and major furnace and air conditioning repairs. If your furnace is blowing cold air, you might need a simple furnace filter replacement, or a more complex repair such as a new thermocouple or heat exchanger. If you notice a strong odor, this might be caused by a worn transformer or blower motor. Whatever the cause, our experienced technicians will come out and examine your furnace to find the solution to your problem.

When your air conditioning isn’t working properly, it can quickly make your home or business uncomfortable in the summer. Common repairs include a refrigerant leak, dirty coils, worn compressors or fans, electronic control failures, sensor problems, or a clogged drainage system. Our HVAC experts will make any repair you need for an honest, upfront cost.

If your furnace or air conditioning unit needs replacement, Aquarius Plumbing & Heating Ltd. will take care of that for you. We can recommend the best brands, size, and features for your home or business with your budget and needs in mind.

Installations & Inspections


Aquarius Plumbing & Heating Ltd. also installs furnace and air conditioning units in newly constructed homes or businesses and for replacements or upgrades. We offer inspections to determine necessary maintenance, energy efficiency ratings, and for buying or selling a home or commercial building.

Energy Efficiency Evaluations


If you’re curious to know how energy efficient your heating and air conditioning units are, we offer evaluations. If you’re looking for ways to save money on your utility bills or interested in upgrading outdated equipment, we have the solutions you’re looking for.